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Advanced Cash Machine Works Great For Affiliate Offers, Your Own Existing Products And Products You Havn't Even Made Yet!
Not Got Anything To Sell? No Worries! During Lockdown I Cracked The Code To...
"Advanced Cash Machine:
Get Sales And Subscribers In 24 Hours
Even If You Have No Product Or List!"
If You've Heard Of Frank Kern's Legendary "4 Day Cash Machine" This Is The NEXT Generation. You Don't Need A Product And It Takes Just 24 Hours! I've Done Over 100 "Advanced Cash Machine Launches"
How You Can Leverage The Secret 
"Advanced Cash Machine" Strategy 
I Discovered During 'Lockdown'...

I'm going to say this unashamedly. Frank Kern's legendary "4 Day Cash Machine" changed my life even more than Mass Control. Thing is, that was over about 15 years ago! I've run so many split tests, I ended up with something quite different - radically unique.

A new system that gets you sales fast. From other peoples products. From your own products. Even when you don't have a product (seriously).

Read on to discover the secret...

In my experience most people don't succeed because it takes too long to get results. Theres too much to learn and too much to do. That's where my new system comes in.

Advanced Cash Machine compresses the amount of time needed from 4 days to one. Want to run the campaign longer? Sure, that works too! Don't have a product or list? No worries - check out my examples on this page - it's easy to do.

3 Day Advanced Cash Machine Offer To Small List
The Pandemic Lockdown Was The 
Key To This Massive Discovery & 
Massive Profits From Affiliate Campaigns, My Own Offers And EVEN WHEN I Hadn't Created A Product Yet!
2 Day Advanced Cash Machine Offer To Media Niche
4 Day Advanced Cash Machine "No Product" Offer To eCom FB Group
4 Day Advanced Cash Machine IM Affiliate Offer

The BIG BIG innovation is that the original Frank Kern "Cash Machine" meant you needed a product and now you don't!

Advanced Cash Product (AKA 24 Hour Cash Machine) doesn't need a pre made product.
Everything that needs to be put together can be done in a single day.

The reason for that is the BIG message I get from so many students, and subscribers is that they didn't have the time to spend creating a product.

Those who did have their own product or an affiliate product were also stuck. They didn't know how to put together an effective campaign to get sales.

ACM - Advanced Cash Machine solves all of these products and gives you the ultimate shortcut to campaigns that convert (and quick offers).

Disclaimer: The first few times you do this, you might want to take a few days to do this process. Once you get it down, doing it all can be a day. Either way, it's an incredibly FAST way to get sales and subscribers.

I've used this method in a ton of different niches, primarily because it's easy to get attention, get sales and new customers and subscribers. 

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If you are entering a new niche and you don't have traffic, or an email list, this is for you. This sneaky hack will get you new customers and subscribers without asking them to pay ANYTHING. It is 30% - 40% more effective than the standard free tactic. Weirdly this tactic also increases sales when you do have an email list or source of traffic as well! Incredibly powerful - I'll be turning this into a mid ticket product of its own in 2024. This is the big tactic I spent talking through with a MAJOR SAAS CEO in the Marketing space.

 Also includes: - Email Templates for Advanced Cash Machine

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  • What Is Advanced Cash Machine?
    It's a way to rapidly generate an offer and list, and get sales, all in a few days. It began life as a variation on Frank Kern's 4 Day Cash Machine. Then it changed to Next Gen Cash Machine. Then during lockdown I figured out how to sell Cash Machine offers without even having a product. This is Advanced Cash Machine
  • Is This Include In Marketing Mastery Live Or Kit Insider?
    No. This isn't a live class so it's not part of Marketing Mastery Live. This product is too big for that. Nor is it mindmap based, instead it includes a large number of videos so its not part of Kit Insider.
  • How Quickly Can I Get Results
    Getting results in 72 hours would be a good first try. I can now run this play in 24-48 hours and see results. Perfect for the upcoming golden quarter / holiday season.
  • Is This The Same As Affiliate Kit?
    Some of the stuff we will be covering will be affiliate marketing. It's only one part of Promotional Strategies Live though. Promotional Strategies Live, is, well, live. This is my first and only training program to take you behind the scenes.
  • Is Advanced Cash Machine An Advanced Cash Machine Promotion?
    No, it's not. It's too complex and too big to an ACM offer. There is still a lot you can learn from this page!
  • How Is This Different From Impulse Offer Creation?
    Impulse Offer Creation Is About Creating a more complex product for a niche and market you know you can sell in. An offer type that you can create and sell.

    Advanced Cash Machine is about being able to enter a new niche, with no product, no traffic, or to repromote an existing product. The more elements you have, the more you will make, but the key is that you can get started with almost any situation.
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